Garnett Music Research is focused on providing timely information, historical perspective, and candid analysis on the music industry and on musicians. Our music research is informed by access to the source gained through years of cultivating connections. Our sometimes irreverent opinions always remain fair and civil, and are never biased by commercial influences.

Whether you are a journalist looking for information on today’s hottest acts, or a student researcher investigating the effect of music on society, or a musician looking for inspiration from similar or dissimilar genres, our music research services can help you find the information you seek.

For those of you who are merely music buffs with no professional need for our information, our selective reviews of some of the best unheralded acts of today may introduce you to excellent new music that you may otherwise have never had the pleasure of experiencing.

Visit us regularly for in-depth reviews of concerts, bands, songs, and albums.  We dive deep, providing unique insight with each review.  Some may find it controversial; others eye-opening.  But for most, you’ll learn something about each subject that you didn’t know beforehand.

CEO/Founder Linda Garnett brings a diverse background in the arts to the field of music research and writing. Starting with a mentorship at radio station KFRC in San Francisco, Linda went on to acquire a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and an Associate of Arts degree in Music Technology. Linda has worked toward a Digidesign operator certificate in Pro Tools post production. Linda is also a published writer with works appearing in on-line publications.